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T-SPOT.TB – ELISPOT efficacy 

The T-SPOT.TB test is the only IGRA available that uses a simplified ELISPOT (enzyme-linked immunospot) technology. It is the most sensitive test available3, suitable for all LTBI testing, 

T-SPOT.TB – Approved by global health bodies

The T-SPOT.TB test is the only FDA-approved, normalised IGRA available based on ELISPOT technology and is one of only two IGRAs recommended by the WHO5, ATS/CDC/IDSA3 and the ECDC6 for the diagnosis of LTBI.

In addition, the T-SPOT.TB test is the only test for TB infection with an FDA approved borderline4 zone to further improve reliability of test results. Spot counts of 5, 6 or 7 are considered borderline. If the result is outside the borderline zone then you can have full confidence in the accuracy of the result. Borderline results can be repeated to further improve accuracy.